Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2022

Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2022 – Tim Hortons Secret Drinks 

Tim Hortons Secret Menu – Tim Hortons is a multinational fast food restaurant chain. Based in Toronto, Tim Hortons serves doughnuts, coffee, and other fast food items.

After an initial venture in hamburger restaurants, the Tim Hortons company was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade.

Its Headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain, with a number of 4,846 restaurants in 14 countries as of December 31, 2018.

It is recognized for its coffee, and the Canadian restaurant specializes in this popular beverage, although its food menu items are currently quite expansive. 

Tim Hortons Secret Menu

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Below are the latest and updated Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2022. Let’s check it out..

Got Milk? Addition of Chocolate Milk in an Iced Cappuccino $2.99
Thrilling Bagel Addition of extra salt and veggies on your bagel $2.19
Cheap Mocha Regular Double Double with half hot chocolate/half coffee $2.10
Cheesy Croissant Heated croissant with cheese $1.49
Buttery Croissant Heated croissant with butter $1.49
Cheesy Croissant with Butter Heated croissant with cheese and butter $1.49
Chocolate Explosion Delicious chocolate whipped cream on a hot chocolate $2.49
Hot Water If for any reason your in need of hot water, you can simply order some Varies
Minted Cappuccino Next time you order some Iced Cappuccino, ask for a shot of mint $4.10
Warm Donut Warmed up, delicious Tim Hortons donut $0.99
Hashbrown Sandwich A Tim Horton hashbrown in your favorite breakfast sandwich $3.29
Spicy Bagel Barbecue sauce on your bagel $1.19
Peanut Butter Bagel Delicious Tim Horton raisin bagel with peanut butter spread $2.19
Mixed Tea Mix your favorite teas together for a delicious new experience $0.10 extra
Grilled Cheese w/ Extras Additional veggies on a grilled cheese sandwich $5.29
Half and Half Half Chili and Half Lasagna $5.49
Veggie sandwich The famous Tim Hortons veggie sandwich $5.49
Extra Patties Addition of extra eggs or patties in a breakfast sandwich Varies
Specialty Lattes Addition of a tea bag or flavor shot in a latte or hot beverage $2.99
Whipped Cream on everything Any order you make can be ordered with the addition of whipped cream Varies
Make it a Panini Ask for your favorite Tim Hortons sandwich to be a panini $4.79

Tim Hortons Secret Drinks

Tim Hortons Secret Drinks Menu

Lemon Meringue Pie Frozen Drink

This sounds like an excellent summer citrus drink to quench your thirst. Maybe even your pie cravings. Order a frozen lemonade with crushed cream blended in to replicate the taste of a fantastic ol’ lemon meringue pie.

Iced Cotton Candy Drink

This cotton candy drink is perfect if you are looking for something sweeter to sip for summer. Order a raspberry lemonade but swap out the lemon syrup for vanilla, then ask for it to be mixed with cream.

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